The program starts monday the 22th of april2019

Instructor: Yrkesplugget (Bromma)

Type of education: Municipal adult vocational education

The program leads to the following professions: Construction worker (1200 p), Concrete labor(1300 p) och Constructor (1300 p)

Student finance: Read more here

Requirements: You must prove that you have sufficient proficiency in Swedish and an interest in the construction industry.



the program

Unique for this program is that we start with four weeks of introduction. This will give you as much knowledge as possible about the different professions, the industry and how everyday life looks like on the construction site. Every part of the program is the result of cooperation with the construction industry, so that you are actually as prepared as possible when you go to practice.

In addition to the introduction, you will receive workplace visits, new tools / materials, information on further education and knowledge about the career opportunities of the construction industry. During the program 70% will be workplace-based learning. You can therefore see the program as the starting point for your career in the industry.




Who should apply for BYGG: LAB?

You have a genuine interest in creating with your hands, working physically and want to be involved in creating something sustainable.

You are communicative in Swedish, in spoken and written terms

You want intensive education where you get a chance to get into work life right away

How does the BUILD: LAB application process take place?

  1. Enter this link to Nacka municipality's system. Log in and search for “Yrkesplugget”. Fill out an application through the system. Bring your application to your municipality.

  2. Approved by your municipality & Nacka municipality? You are then enrolled in Nacka municipality's system and are contacted by Yrkesplugget.

What can I do if I have questions about BYGG: LAB?

Email us at